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We are a team of diligent students from the department of Information Technology, SRMIST. We, as a team, have organised numerous events ranging from technical to non technical. It's a matter of immense pride for us to say that we have successfully organized SRM Hackathon, a national level technical fest, twice. We are capable of taking the association to a level where it can be recognised as one of the best.

Our Events

Here are some of the highlights of what we do

SRM Hackathon

With several sponsors to its name, SRM Hackathon is a national level event inviting participants from various corners of the country. The participants are challenged to use their skills and solve intriguing life problems based on the various themes provided. At the end of 2 days of continuous coding, the idea that has it all to help us build a better future takes the title of the winner. This hackathon will help to unveil the developer within you!.


Emerging as one of the biggest opportunities for the city level coders, Semicolon is a pure coding event conducted by IT Association. In Semicolon, the contestants' programming skills and techniques are tested and the event is conducted for two days with different levels of difficulties to overcome. Semicolon serves as a great platform to enhance our coding skills and technical abilities.

Verve 1.0

Verve is a college level event of the students, for the students and by the students. With domains like technical, non technical, literary and sports, it witnesses massive crowd participation in each of its field. Acting as a stress buster before exams, it plays a great role in beating the monotony of college.


The inaugural edition of SPORTIT, organised by the IT Association, emerged as a platform for all the sport enthusiasts of the college where they could showcase their sporting talents. It was an event that witnessed a humongous and enthusiastic participation, commendable sporting skills and great sportsman spirit.

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